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Tangshan TOYODA Technology Co., Ltd, cooperated with MIC, is a high tech enterprise specialized in the researching and manufacturing of the wind-solar comprehensive utilization series products. Approved by the National Ministry of Commerce, TOYODA has set up TOYODA JAPAN WIND POWER TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT CENTER in Japan. Meanwhile, Beijing TOYODA Technology Co., Ltd is established in Beijing Zhongguancun, working with Tsinghua University, Beijing Jiaotong University to set up controller & wind power laboratory. TOYODA also has founded the manufacturing plant in Tangshan development zone covering an area of 21,000 square meters.
TOYODA has a research team composed of domestic and overseas senior engineers, graduates and doctors, including 4 Japanese experts, 9 domestic experts with doctor degree above,and takes possession of more than 30 items of independent inventive patent with intellectual property rights and proprietary technologies.
The company mainly produces 200W-10KW vertical coreless rare earth magnetoelectric generator, vertical multi-section disk wind-power generator, vertical wind-solar hybrid street light, vertical wind-solar distant-controlled supervising system, vertical wind power station, vertical tower-type wind-solar-electricity waterwheel landscape system, combined vertical wind-solar-electricity GSHP air-conditioner, roof-installed wind-solar hybrid power supply system, portable wind-solar hybrid power supply system, etc.

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Tangshan TOYODA Technology Co., Ltd

  • vertical wind generator;vertical multi-section disk wind-power generator;vertical wind-solar hybrid street light;vertical wind-solar distant-controlled supervising;vertical wind power station;tower-type wind-solar-electricity landscape;roof-installed wind-solar hybrid power supply;portable wind-solar hybrid power supply system
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